RIP TIDE - Graphic Painting

19 May - 9 June 2021

RIP TIDE– Graphic Painting

… is an exhibition – a metaphor, an artistic reflection, born from the present reality.

The exhibition does not claim to be a philosophical analysis of “eternal values” through “the rich plastic language of painting”, but instead tries to point our attention toward that current social issue we call “here and there and now”, the dialectics of which are based on heavy social contradictions, consciously rejecting the opportunity to merge, soften or synthesize them.

To the contrary, the exhibition aims to underscore those contradictions by choosing to depict diametrically opposite symbolic-social images (Male Golfer/Mower, Female Golfer/ Young Waste Collector) – adopting the pliable dialectics of the drawing’s means of expression as “heavy” contour and stain, and reaching one more formal, yet sought after, contradiction – to the oxymoron “graphic painting”.

Rip Tide is an exhibition that reflects: the Nonharmonic, Inconvenient, Unsuccessful; it underlines ironically not only the Unrealized, in spite of plenty of expectations and excitement, long-awaited social change (Daffodil Picking, Migrants), but also the doom of the “correct” inert position – to let go downstream, as an only way to get out of the rip tide (Opium Collectors, Rip Tide, Dealer, A Bouquet for Mom).

Enjoy the exhibition!

Ilian Lalev


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