Complete Anonymity

26 October - 12 November 2020


              In my unsuitability for life, I often find either hidden threats orjokes – funny to me, at least.

              These are particles of imagery or perceptions of things stuck in my imagination or reminiscence; thoughts that bring me into an experience. Sometimes I draw conclusions – bitter or mocking conclusions, directed at myself.

              I am not looking for something specific; I place myself in the composition, then follow what is unfolding. Other times, I fall out of the painting, and it develops based on its own logic.

              I change my means of expression in an attempt to provoke new sensations, going outside of my comfort zone; I search for the subversive intentions of the story.

              The reward is when the terror of half-baked thoughts and feelings becomes scrutable, and the painting is able to tell me something important – about its hidden intent, the true reason for its title.


Galab Galabov


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Galab Galabov