13 - 30 November 2023

For the third time in the last eight years, Stubel Gallery presents Mimi Dobreva. Her exhibition RAW will open on November 13, 2023.

“I find in the landscape – in our Bulgarian landscape – genuineness, splendor, wildness, primacy. All around us, the vegetation is uncontrollable and steadily creeping, exploding, pervading. Over the years, this scenery has never stopped provoking me. It is as though I identify with the savage, powerful, raw presence of nature. I am captivated by the primacy of its authenticity, by its urge to survive, to thrive andtake over.I have always tried to draw the essence, the energy, to uncover the mystery of the landscape, to capture the particular order in the apparent chaos, the logic of interaction in the irresistibility of nature, its primal charm. To perceive and paint our scenery just as it is – wild and authentic. One place like this – a tiny, dense forest close to the village of Krivina, captivated me, and I felt close to it – close to its revelation, simplicity, and magic. Another place – Didi’s garden – is somewhat of a counterpoint to the forest, yet not exactly; man’s drive to arrange everything and to create his own landscape is obvious, but the unrestraint of nature, its power, does not fail to intervene decisively,”shares Mimi Dobreva.

The author

Mimi Dobreva