Exhibition by Valeri Chakalov, Krasimir Karabadjakov and Stefan Bojkov

1 - 19 November 2022

The new exhibition at Stubel Gallerybrings together three artists – former students at the Kazanlak School of Art, diverse in their styles, but bound by a long and sound friendship. The exposition presents their latest works, created during the last two years.

Valeri Chakalov works in the field of graphics, painting, and nonconventional art. His abstractly geometrical paintings – carrying signs, images, and symbols from different cultures and ages – create a specific aesthetic and emotional ambience, establishing universal states and feelings. The artist’s works are distinguished by exquisite style and lead delicately toward the unusual and enigmatic in the world, toward the contemplation of eternal human truths.

Valeri Chakalov was born in 1957 in the town of Devnia. He graduated in Graphics from the National Academy of Art (Class of Prof. Galiley Simeonov). There are more than 30 solo exhibitions in his biography, as well as more than 200 participations in national and international exhibitions, graphic biennials, and art projects.

Krasimir Karabadjakovis one of the people who, according to Prof. Svilen Stefanov, made the 1990s an interesting time in Bulgarian art. The artist possesses exceptionally liberated visual thinking, and his expressive paintings carry a volcanic energy, touching the limits of exaltation and provocation. “Things are a little paradoxical with me, I snip little pieces, signs or urges from many different places in order to reach an end result”, shares the artist.

Krasimir Karabadjakov was born in 1960 in the town of Sliven, where he prefers to live to this day. He graduated in painting from the National Academy of Art (Class of Prof. Petar Michailov). The artist was among the five creators of the art group “Disco 95”. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and curatorial projects in Bulgaria and abroad.

The magic radiating from Stefan Bojkov’s works attracts the gaze with the strong presence of the color black. Using black with its many nuances, the artist succeeds in provoking the spectator, in compelling him to delve into the works, inducing discussion, and leaving permanent marks in his mind. “Quite often in my works I reach a total simplification, down to just a sign… I search for that symbiosis between symbolism and realism, where through a single detail one can penetrate deep into the idea.”

Stefan Bojkov was born in 1961 in the town of Panagyurishte. He is a freelance artist and a colorful representative of the capital’s bohemia. Bojkov works and experiments in many fields – painting, graphics, sculpture, graphic design, spatial installations. The artist has had more than twenty solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.

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Valeri Chakalov, Krasimir Karabadjakov and Stefan Bozhkov