Spartak Dermendjiev


1954 – Born in Sofia

1982 – Graduated from National Academy of Art, Sofia



2017 – Planet Defamation – computer-generated graphics, Center for Culture and Debate “The Red House”, Sofia

2017 – Lost – portraits and photographs by Krum Dermendjiev and Spartak Dermendjiev, Center for Culture and Debate “The Red House”, Sofia

2016 – Defamations – the forbidden exhibition

2014 – From Mother’s Album – sculpture and family photographs, Debut Gallery

2014 – The Columns that Hold Up the Sky or The Temple of Venus, sculptural installation, Vazrajdane Gallery, Plovdiv

2013 – Fin du Monde – performance and painting exhibition, Center for Culture and Debate “The Red House”, Sofia

2012 – Harlot Certificates – exhibition of sculpture and drawings, Arosita Gallery, Sofia

2011 – A Target Wonderer – exhibition of sculptural portraits of George Markov, Art 36 Gallery, Sofia

2011 – The Wall – exhibition of sculpture, drawing and painting, Astry Gallery, Sofia

2009 – Run – sculpture, installation and performance, Astry Gallery, Sofia

2008 – The Song of the Centaur, sculpture and photography, Astry Gallery, Sofia

2004 – Beyond the Portrait (portraiture in front of an audience), Astry Gallery, Sofia

2003 – Don Quixote is Dead, sculpture, Ikar Gallery, Sofia

2001 – Eroticism and Sin, sculpture and drawing, Seoul, South Korea

2001 – Sculpture and Drawing, Vazrajdane Gallery, Plovdiv

2001 – There are No Happy Bulgarians, sculptural portraits, Sofia City Art Gallery

2000 – Péché Éternel– sculpture and drawing, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

1999 – Sculpture and Drawing, 11 Gallery, Sofia

1998 – Beauty and Resistance to Sin – sculpture and drawing, Sofia City Art Gallery

1998 – Art Impressia, sculpture and drawing exhibition at the International Fair, Plovdiv

1997 – Bulgaria A Totalitarian Whore, sculpture and drawing, The Ladder Gallery, Sofia

1996 – Exhibition within “Love is Madness” – 4th International Film Festival, Varna



2018 – Monument of the Dunes – the dunes of the north beach of Primorsko

2017 – Tell Me, White Cloud – a monument to the emigrant-immigrant, Sofia Airport, Terminal 2

2017 – Monument of the Bogomils – somewhere over the hills of Bulgaria

2016 – Monument of Europe, Sofia, The Red Army Monument

2016 – Monument of Impossible Love – a monument of Yana Yazova and Alexandar Balabanov, Sofia, along the Canal

2015 – Monument of the Transition, Sofia, Alexander I Square (Mausoleum)

2015 – Monument of Aleko Konstantinov, Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia

2015 – Monument of Raiko Aleksiev, somewhere on the streets of Sofia

2014 – Monument of Georgi Markov, Journalist Square, Sofia



2014 – Iron Medal for Contemporary Art

2011 –Vassilev Brothers Foundation Award for The Wall installation,Autumn Salon of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA)

2003 – Ikar Award of Ikar Gallery for the most successful exhibition

1998 –UBA Award for sculpture, National exhibition of drawing and sculpture

1987 – Award for Venus series, 7th international biennial of miniature sculpture, Budapest, Hungary

1985 –Sculpture award for Breaking the Idols art work, 7th National youth exhibition


Spartak Dermendjiev’s works are in the collections of the National Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, and the city galleries in Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven, Dobritch and Blagoevgrad, as well as in private collections in the USA, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Greece and South Korea.