Lyubomir Savinov

Born in 1941 in Sofia, Lyubomir Savinov is one of the most profound and authentic artists to appear on the Bulgarian art scene of the 60s, but it seems that his overall growth and development deliberately remained outside of any general and group tendences.

In 1970, Lyubomir Savinov graduated in MuralPainting from the National Academy of Art (Class of Prof. Georgi Bogdanov).

After graduation, Savinov’s artworks were repeatedly rejected by the general art exhibitions’ selection committee. This led the artist to distance himself from the organized artistic life in the country. Turning his back to the system, he never stopped painting, managing to preserve his drive for autonomous expression, freed from the ideological dogmas of the time.

It was not until 1987that Lyubomir Savinov presented his works in an exhibition at Shipka 6 Gallery. Three years later, he became a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. In the years since, he has had six more solo exhibitions. The artist received the national award for painting “Zaharii Zograf” for 2012.

In 2014 Svetlin Russev shared: The Savinov case is unique not only in our history, but, applied to European practice, fits into the path of the great loners of contemporary art, rediscovered by time.