Lyuben Malchev


I feel the need to express reality. It provokes me purely journalistically to react to what is happening. My works are literally inspired by news, reports and pictures, which are saturated with terror, fear, injustice and power. Monuments to the absurd and to utopian yearnings.

Inspired by the man, who is ever smaller and more disempowered and, on the other hand, the man who destroys, kills and rules, obsessed with pseudo beliefs. I am interested in what is going on right now. I do not want to remain indifferent toward all that craziness – on the one hand funny but, on the other, terrible and merciless.




Born on November 25th 1992 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.


2011 - Graduated in Painting at National School of Plastic Arts and Design “Academician Dechko Uzunov”, Kazanlak

2016 - Graduated in Painting at University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” - Veliko Tarnovo


2015 - Joint exhibition “Scales in local”,  Exhibition halls “Raphael Mihailov”, Veliko Tarnovo

2016 - Joint exhibition “Scales in social”, Exhibition halls “Raphael Mihailov”, Veliko Tarnovo

2017 - Joint exhibition “Scale  1:1  New social realism”, Gallery  “Shipka 6 “, Sofia

2016 - Award for best drawings –   Student exhibition, Veliko Tarnovo

2016 - Award for young artist - Autumn salon, Kazanlak

2016 - Award for young artist - Fourth Balkan Quadrennial of Painting “Myths and legends of my    nation”, Stara Zagora