Stubel gallery

On April 22, 2015 Stubel Gallery opened its doors to friends of art – friends who have supported, from the very beginning, what many thought was a crazy idea, who have helped in every possible way and who share our love for spiritual beauty. This is a gallery from friends and for friends. The people responsible for turning this dream into reality share Dimitar Kazakov-Neron’s thought: “Two good hearts are needed for art: one to create it and another to appreciate it.” We do believe that Stubel Gallery will connect them and will become a place for creative exchange.
The gallery opened with Atanas Parushev – Shoka’s exhibition “Abstract”. The artist presented 13 paintings of the cycle “Verticals”, created over the last 13 years. In all of his works Atanas Parushev reveals his mood at a particular moment: at times he feels blue, at times black, sometimes red… and his brush transfers those moods to the canvas. To paraphrase an ancient saying, by his colors you shall know him. And by his sincerity. The artist insists: “I paint only that painting, which I could not bear not to paint.”
And we will do our absolute best to present only that art, which we could not bear not to present.


2V Kosta Lulchev str.

Business hours:

14:30 - 18:30

Tuesday to Sathurday 

+359 88 730 7740