Drawings - Rumen GASHAROV

4 - 22 December 2023



December 4 - 22, 2023


On December 4, a drawing exhibition by Rumen Gasharov will open at Stubel Gallery. The exposition consists of more than 40 works, created mostly in 60s and 70s of the last century.

„The art of Rumen Gasharov is well known to the Bulgarian public. He is among those artists who have astounded the spectator with their unadulterated originality and specific expressiveness. Occurrences, events, people, and objects pass through the sensitive and critical field of vision of the artist and are transformed by him intoartistic images.

In addition to the canvases, collages, and illustrations that Gasharov has created in the span of more than 60 years, there are hundreds of sketches and drawings preserved in the artist’s archives, most of which have never been shown to the public. Just a handful of them were included in the exhibition Brutto – Netto at Sofia City Art Gallery at the end of 2022.

The upcoming exhibition at Stubel Gallery presents for the first time this almost unknown aspect of Rumen Gasharov’s art, connected with the intimate world of the artist. The drawings are executed in pencil, ink, pastel, watercolor, ball-pen, marker – anything that is nearby and within sight of the artist. In many of these quick sketches, the striving of not missing or forgetting the idea, the need to preserve the impression and emotion of the experience is obvious. A considerable number of them develop into more elaborate drawings, where the images emerge as watercolor compositions and collages. Among them, we recognize characters, faces, objects, and images turned into iconic paintings of Gashar that are part of museum and private collections today,“ – shares the curator of the exhibition the art critic Stanislava Nikolova, PhD.

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