Yavor Tsanev

Yavor Tsanev i s born on 13 October 1956 in Sofia. 

He graduated in Graphics from National Academy of Arts, Sofia (Class of Prof. Petar Tchuklev).

Soon after the artist moved to Varne where he lived and worked his entire life.

Yavor Tsanev worked in the field of graphics, painting, video art and instalation. 

Taught in Varna Free University and Tchnical University in Varna.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Painting and Drawing, Edition 88 Gallery, Luxemburg (1993, 1996, 2000)

Painting, Gallery 8, Varna (1995)

Painting and Drawing, Navilart Gallery, Varna (1997)

Painting, Eterna Gallery, Varna (1998)

Painting, Sculture and Instalation, Artin Gallery, Varna (1999)

Inner room - Painting and Graphics, Georgy Veltchev Museum, Varna (2003)

Painting, Graphics and Drawing, City Art Gallery, Dobritch (2017)