Radoil Serafimov



In my last paintings (Energy 1, 2 and 3), I am looking to escape from the image and the obligations it brings. To escape also from the art I have been creating until now (always connected to the interpretation of images or objects), as well as from my approach toward creating a painting. My aim is to amuse myself entirely with the subject matter, distancing myself from concerns like, “What am I painting?” and “How should I paint it?” The starting point of each one of my works is a momentary whim – a feeling of color and dynamics. From this beginning until the moment of their completion, the paintings develop without a specific plan. What interests me most in that process is the dynamic of the color and its development on the surface, the movements of the paintbrush or directly of the hands, trying to escape excessive deliberation. Engaging one’s hands in paint application gives the surface a different dynamic.

Quite often, at a certain movement of the brush I ask myself why my movement was exactly so. Is there a dose of normality in that gesture or not? How many strokes or movements are premeditated, not felt? At a certain point, that makes you cover things up and search, again and again, until you exhaust yourself and stop or become angry and ignore all you have created. In a moment like this, you might just find an adequate reflex upon the canvas, which is worth preserving, because it is genuine.




Born 1988. in Gabrovo. Lives and works in Gabrovo , Bulgaria



 2012 Masters in Painting, Veliko Tarnovo University "St.st.Cyril and Methodius"



 2016 - "In Memory to Face or Erased Portraits", Gallery Orlovska 10 – Gabrovo, Bulgaria

 2014 -  Award "Edmond Demirdzhiyan" -  painting exhibition - Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

 2013 -  "Rhythm Feelings", Gallery Orlovska 10, Gabrovo, Bulgaria



2017 - "Art Start, Young Artists to Follow in 2017.", Credo Bonum Gallery and Goethe Institute project, Sofia, Bulgaria

          - “The first seven years”, exhibition of the award winners “Edmond Demirdjian”, Contemporary space, Varna, Bulgaria

           - “Scale 1:1.New Social Realism”, curator Ilian Lalev, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia

           - Placebo National Autumn Exhibitions Plovdiv, Bulgaria, curator Prof. Galina Lardeva

           - Nature Addicts!, Fund Academy , Eleusis , Greece

           - “Allegoria Sacra” – Raphael Michailov Hall, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

           - „On the other surface”, Raphael Michailov Hall, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

           - „The dispute about reality”, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia


     2016- International Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Art Athina”, Athens

              - "Portfolio Day" is an initiative of Sariev Gallery to support young artists, Plovdiv , Bulgaria

              - "Scale Social or Artistic Response," curator Ilian Lalev, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

2015 - "Save the Dreams" - 148 contemporary artists from Bulgaria, Venice Biennale project Imago Mundi

            - "The Landscape in Between" – Novalis Art Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria

            - "Warning Fresh Paint" - Sofia City Gallery, Bulgaria

            - exhibition – contest, Nuance Gallery, Sofia , Bulgaria

 2014  - Exhibition "Young Art as an Object of Desire" - Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

            - Sixth National exhibition "Landscape" – Vidin, Bulgaria

            - "What Happened?", Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

            - Exhibition, Hedgehog Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria

 2013 - Exhibition Contest ALLIANZ – Lovech, Bulgaria

 2011 - Exhibition of the International Foundation "St.st. Cyril and Methodius" - Young Artists,  Sofia, Bulgaria



2016 – Award, Spring Salon of Gabrovo artists, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

2014  - Award "Edmond Demirdzhiyan"