October 22nd - November 15th 2018



To those, for whom happiness is the sea

Painting and sculpture stolen from the sea

Lifechanging events did not happen to me every time I set foot on the seashore. But all the fateful events in my life happened after I had been there, by the sea.

I realized that when I was 50, even earlier. But I also realized something else: it seemed as though for many years, the sea had forgotten about me…or had been exhausted… or had been angry at me…

Overwhelmed by a superstitious confusion, I decided to bow my head as if in front of a god and present gifts as a sign of gratitude. This is how the idea of the present exhibition came to life – an exhibition, dedicated to the Sea, without pretense of modernism or innovation.

I was drawing the sunrise and stopped. Why? Without friends, the sea is not the Sea. And yet I was drawing.

Many years have passed, and I have collected all those “gifts” – sculptures that are paintings, and paintings that are something you will define...

This is an autobiographical exhibition without pretense of completeness. This is a confession without pretense of faithfulness.

I painted real places, real people and events. I painted ordinary-extraordinary things, and you will recognize yourselves as participants.

I painted the sea as nature had created it. I painted people as they came into this world – with the sole desire to be happy... To forget, to run away, to be reborn, to merge with the sea, to be part of nature.

I painted happy people. Or at least I was happy.

I am grateful for the experiences and the shared moments. Stolen from the sea and returned to it.

See you soon, Sea!

Spartak Dermendjiev, 2018


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