November 13th-30th 2017

“Polyphonies” is the sonorous title of an exhibition, which presents a new series of abstract paintings. It seems there isn’t any particular specificity in these colorful improvisations, but the origin of the artistic excitement is tangible. Nature as an endless source of inspiration captivates with its states and stunning views. By turning them into abstract painting, I try to express the dramatism of that beauty and the feelings it arouses and stores in my mind, those spectacles of nature. My desire has been to create through each painting an illusion of a new space opening. The existence of this space on and through the two-dimensional cut is as imaginary as it is real and depends on the capacity for abstract perception of reality.
Before turning into paintings, those works were experienced as thrill and emotion, as emotional and spiritual movement. Artistical search possesses a loose intuition; its realization is the result of selfcontrol and of repeated attempts to restrict the artistic impulse. Sometimes it is as easy and simple as inhalation and exhalation. At other times, you are short of breath and the steps along the way repeat themselves in a particular rhythm until they take us somewhere, hopefully closer to a new perception or to a surprise.
The notion of polyphony in a way corresponds to the relative completeness of each one of my works. In this multilayered painting, the harmonious interdependence and equality of each one of the layers – from the surface down toward the canvas or the emergence from the bottom of the first layer up and forward, the optical detachment of the spots from the surface – create an illusion of polyphonic sound. And if the mind is the one searching for and finding explanations, the true motivating power is something else; it is hard to identify, as it inhabits an intuitive dimension. Finding purpose is measurable, but looking for it is boundless.
Lyuben Genov


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Lyuben Genov