What I Want

May 17th - June 10th 2017

“For as long as you speak something other than what you think…as long as you do something other than what you want…then it is not exactly you who lives”. I quote Sun Tzu from memory, tempted to think that the wisdom of the East becomes a “backbone” not only in my personal life, but that it also fills the sails, gives strength to the drawing, and rings in the color of my paintings.” – says Yavora Petrova of her upcoming exhibition in Stubel Gallery.
Born in Sofia, in 1983 Yavora Petrova graduated from the National Academy of Art in “Book illustration and layout”.
In her biography, she has more than 30 solo exhibitions, and her works have been presented in Norway, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, and others. She is the winner of many awards, including prestigious awards of international graphic biennials from Bulgaria, Spain, and Germany. One of the artist’s graphic cycles is owned by the Norwegian National Gallery in Oslo.
The exhibition, which will last until June 10th, includes paintings and drawings created over the past year.

The author

Yavora Petrova