Utre ( Tomorrow )

April 26th - May 16th 2018


The artist from Varna, Veselin Nachev, has a new exhibition named Utre (Tomorrow). Like his last exhibition, this one will be held at Stubel Gallery from April 26th till May 16th 2018.

А graduate of the National Academy of Art, in the almost mythical first class of Prof. Ivan Kirkov, Veselin Nachev – like many of his classmates – develops his own pliable version of the "painting" as a contemporary figurative medium systematically and with a lot of passion, mixed with doubt and excruciating searching.

The artist’s style suggests and proves that in that moment overloaded with information, stress and problems we call the ‘present day’, a work of art can represent a set of image-signs that simultaneously provoke memories as well as associations, notions, and revelations. 

Works like this seldom ask clear questions or offer straightforward answers, but they always make us think about and experience the realities interpreted in and by them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Philip ZIDAROV


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