April 15th - May 10th 2019

Dolores Dilova is an artist with her own recognizable artistic identity and style. Her paintings combine the expressiveness of color with a perspective and treatment of space traditional for landscape painting.With her new collection of works, presented in the exhibition “Timelessness”, which is about to open at Stubel Gallery, the artist skillfully continues to explore a favorite theme of hers: the relationship between the emotional state of the author and nature.

The paintings of Dolores Dilova are saturated with particular, repeatable geographical features of places dear to her, but what makes them specific and personal is the artist’s presence in them, expressed by intimations and variations, born from her play with the feeling of frozen time.

The exhibition, consisting of paintings created in the last 12 months, will go on until May 10, 2019.

The author

Dolores Dilova