Three Stories+

September 17th - October 12th 2018



Stubel Gallery is kicking off its autumn exhibition program with a stroll through a relatively lesser known artistic zone – that of illustration and book design. The exposition is named “Three Stories+”, and its author is Viktor Paunov, an artist-illustrator well known not only within the professional art sphere, but also among those seduced by the charm of illustrated books.

The exhibition is named “Three Stories+” as Viktor Paunov has three books of children’s stories that have been recently published or are about to appear on the book market. These books are intriguing, educational, and entertaining: “The Bible for Children Aged 7 to 77” by Arthur Maxwell, “Frant the Cat and the Mysterious Island” by Ivan Radenkov, and “A Story about Ejko Make-Believe” by Asen Sirakov.

The exhibition captivates with a relatively unusual transfer of the imagery from the printed page to a gallery space. Its value can also be measured by the opportunity it provides viewers to look into the “workshop” of the art of illustration. This is because its author, Viktor Paunov, besides being one of the most active Bulgarian illustrators, is also a professor at the National Academy of Art, where he formerly served as the head of the Department of Books, Illustration and Printed Graphics. He is thus accountable to the audience not only with respect to his art, but also as the guardian of a rich tradition, transferring its potential to the new generation of artists in a field so important for the visual culture of society.


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