Painting Exhibition of Atanas Parushev

2nd - 21st April 2018

Three years ago, the opening of Stubel Gallery enriched the cultural geography of Sofia. That event was marked by a solo exhibition from Atanas Parushev-Shoka. Having graduated from the National Academy of Art as a student of Prof. Ivan Kirkov – one of the few true intellectuals and innovators of Bulgarian art in the 60s and 70s – Atanas Parushev has worked for years in the most intellectual and somewhat elitist direction of art in the last hundred years – objectless imagery, commonly referred to as abstract painting. The current exhibition, executed in acrylic paint on different types of surfaces, is stylistically an extension of Parushev‘s previous one at Stubel Gallery, which he had so aptly named „Abstraction“.


Parushev’s long-standing exploration in the field of nonfigurative painting is like an attempt to touch the elusive “Spiritual in Art”, that marked, through Wassily Kandinsky’ popular book, the start of the abstract painting genre, but it is also a search for a particular path to the self-knowledge that is so important for every artist. 


In his latest works, continuing a long tradition of a personal plastic technique provisionally called Verticals, the artist has consciously reached a kind of minimalistic abstraction, stripped of any thoughts and feelings. In that abstraction, his most impressive achievement is the compression of the three dimensions of the imaginary space of a painting into two (or even just one and a half), as they retain a sense of invisible volumes. The spatial composition of each work is reduced to the sign of the “vertical” in motion, color and emotional temperature.


The new exhibition of Atanas Parushev represents an impressive stage of his artistic development, a stage that he trustingly shares with the audience.           



                                                                                                                               Philip Zidarov
















                            The height (the vertical) is not just a moralizer, it's... physically moral. It's more than a symbol. The person who seeks it... finds out that height is moral on a material, dynamic, and living plane.     Atanas Parushev



The author

Atanas Parushev – Shoka

Born on 7 April 1958 in Sliven, Bulgaria. Graduated in “Painting” in the National Academy of Arts, class of prof. Ivan Kirkov (1985). He has more than 20 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.