Painting Exhibition by Dinko Stoev

9 - 27 May 2022



Dinko Stoev’s third exhibition at Stubel Gallery will open on May 9, 2022.

The exposition consists of paintings and drawings created during the last twelve months. Some of the themes and characters in the artist’s stories are well known to the public, but Dinko Stoev also manages to surprise with new plots.

In conversation about the latest exhibition the artist shares:

“In creating stories of and from banal events, I try to derive a greater meaning, a super meaning. The bather on the beach, the lonely evening in front of the TV, myself in the shower, the Christmas three with the crazy deer in front… I leave it up to the viewer to further develop these paintings in his imagination and consciousness. To develop them as far as he wishes, to feel whatever he wants to and – without any hint of reprimand – to accept the characters, to see himself in them and, if he can, to find joy in the art.”

Once again Dinko Stoev presents us with painfully honest paintings, bold and challenging, which perturb, hurt, and cause serious reflection in the viewer. Paintings that do not leave us indifferent.

Born in Sofia in 1958, Dinko Stoev graduated in painting from the National Academy of Art (class of Prof. Ivan Kirkov). In 1994, he participated in a specialization at the Bath School of Art and Design made possible by the British Council. He has taken part in more than 20 group exhibitions in Bulgaria, the UK, Germany, and France. Among his latest solo appearances are his exhibition in Rayko Aleksiev Gallery (2017) and at the Autumn Salon in Plovdiv (2019).


Dinko Stoev’s artworks are in the collections of the Bulgarian National Art Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, as well as many private galleries and collections in Bulgaria, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, and Japan.


In 2018, Dinko Stoev received the national award for painting “Zahari Zograf”.


The exhibition will last until May 27.


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