Monkey Times

September 18th- October 6th 2017

Jumps down. Jumps up. Up and down. Finally down. Walks to the center.
Now he is the center.
The others are around him. And they start clapping hands. But he sits down. Because this is not enough for him. He wants more. More of what? He doesn't know, and neither do they.
Instinctively he jumps up again. This time much higher. So they can see his butt. Shining like a sun. Now they have a sun. Their sun. But the law of universal gravitation pulls him down. Down in the dust. This kicks up a big black cloud, and they go blind. And lost.
Lost, lonely and sad till the next birth and high jump of a new butt that brings them joyful togetherness......

The author

Nikolai Panayotov