Freedom, Sancho

October 9th- 26th, 2017

Paper helps me to create my own world on the border between dreams and reality, fantasy and utopia. A world where symbols, colors, and molecules intertwine and stratify. I am at the beginning of the road and I am looking for meaning.

Paper is a material in constant evolution. We can fold it, glue it, crease it, tear it, layer it, weave with it, dye it or bleach it. Thick or transparent, it can be a base or a package. There is history in it, truth, poetry and freedom.

As it falls, the torn-out sheet of paper flies. When all ties, staplers, print matrices, hard and soft covers, all that holds us bound and connected disappear and we are all that remains. Free to fall and to fly simultaneously. The way we are, without ready answers, searching...

In my works, I try to break away from academic drawing to achieve more spontaneous and emotional expression, where feelings are nuances and words are circles, lines, and triangles. In my search, I learn from primitive art, which I feel close to with its naivety and sincerity. Colors, lights, shadows. A stretched out sheet of paper, cutout silhouettes. And I take the road.

The author

Viara Pancheva