Exhibition of Anastasia Panayotova

March 9th - 31st 2017

“Anastasia Panayotova represents a generation of artists who introduced the Bulgarian printmaking school into world circulation,” stated Ruja Marinska. A dignified student of Ilia Beshkov, she "creatively digested his lessons, but never looked for an easy, well-trodden track, paving her own path instead." (Dimitar Arnaudov)
True to her emotional-expressive approach and endlessly honest in her art, Anastasia Panayotova brings us again into her lyrical world. A world that pits sadness against hope and fear against anticipation, but also a world of contemplation and bated longing. The exposition in Stubel Gallery includes 24 works that have never been shown before, works whose center is once again the woman – a timeless effigy, a projection of the author's emotions and feelings. Anastasia Panayotova does not like to give names to her exhibitions, nor does does she name her works. She leaves it up to us, the audience, to read the visible, but mystical and elusive images and to feel their magic.


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Anastasia Panayotova