Detail - exhibition by Anna Tsolovska and Nikoleta Ivanova - Stoimirova

4 - 26 October 2021


The exposition presented by Anna Tsolovska and Nikoleta Ivanova-Stoimirova outlines an untraceable path. Each series of works consists of both separate elements and an overallconfiguration, thus forming an aesthetical and conceptual chain. It is not always clear whether the final solution is born from the organized composition or from the fragment. Where does the author begin – from the private or the general? The process of forming an artwork usually starts from the generalized silhouettes, and the detail appears later, clarifying and completing the image. In this sense, Anna Tsolovska and Nikoleta Ivanova-Stoimirova are conducting an experiment.

The exposition combines sculpture and graphics – two fine arts, which are opposed in some of the series and harmoniously grouped in others. The intriguing collaboration between two- and three- dimensional spaces and the regularities seen in each series are some of the main motives for creating the works.

The two artists work on a shared theme, thus creating a dialogue. Each one insists, through the forms she creates and through the accents in the detail, that the answers she has given are the right ones. The dialogue grows into monologues, showing how difficult it is toreach an understanding when self-identity emerges, even if there is agreement in principle. It is this moment of authenticity, by means of the detail, which manifests very strongly and becomes the conceptual focus of the exhibition.


Anna Tsolovska – The Garden

The garden – a foundation of artistic reality! The topos is the last factor affecting the artist. It ties up her microcosmos with the realmateriality of the idea and allows for its presence as a part of being, invariably carrying the personalmessage of its creator. The Garden of Eden is the highest form of innocence and freedom from societal and contextual burden. That is where the mind creates in its absolute fullness, merging completely with the natural and spiritual world of the higher human through observation.

Nikoleta Ivanova-Stoimirova – The Story of the Ladder

The first sculpture of the cycle was created in 2013, as part of the learning process, and subsequently the artist has worked on several more pieces in the same direction. The exhibition “Detail” is a new attempt at artistic growth and the development of a ripe idea. The embossed compositions were built of a peculiar type of endless and chaotic stairs, exposed on a mirrored surface – a surface which always reflects individual elements, “details” of reality. The graphic, computer generated images build in „detail“ the relationship between two- and three- dimensional space.

The author

Nikoleta Ivanova - Stoimirova