Crumbs from a Dream

30 May - 25 June 2020

Three years after her first appearance in Stubel Gallery, Yavora Petrova returns with a new exhibition – drawings and paintings. Exquisite and delicate, mysteriously melancholic and nostalgic, her works are always born from profoundly experienced moments, feelings, emotions, dreams.

“Crumbs from a Dream”is the name Yavora has chosen for her new exhibition.

One morning I woke up inspired by all I had dreamt. I had been present at large gatherings, life, people, tables laden with food, get-togethers, landscapes, trees, horses. There was fear and laughter, and conversation, and truth. “What did I dream?” I couldn’t remember a thing. The true joy, the true freedom, the true love: they all faded with the dream. Only the crumbs remained, the crumbs fallen from the dream’s table.

I gathered them and drew them.

The author

Yavora Petrova