Painting Exhibition by Atanas Parushev

10 - 27 October 2022



                                                                                                          I started off

                                                                                                          by growing up

                                                                                                          like everybody else


                                                                                                          Yes, I’m something more than a pine

                                                                                                          I’m a cosmological sign

                                                                                                                                    Kenneth White


“Pines, Trees in Winter from the poetry of the Scottish poet are my old, unquenchable passion –says Atanas Parushev about his upcoming exhibition at Stubel Gallery.

“The paintings are from the last two years. But the reflections, the iterations on these themes and ideas are not new, some of them going back to the 1980s. But over the years, for various reasons, including my laziness, I have never worked seriously nor neatly enough. “Good intentions” – abandoned, put off for some other time, unfinished – plague me, and I have to get them out of my head if possible.

My adoration for Van Gogh dates back to my childhood – my tribute to Vincent are Irises 1 and 2, which I painted recently.

The series Passion supposedly ended, but it continues. I have to admit that it has no end, and I will keep coming back to it.”

For the third time in the last seven years, Atanas Parushev will share his “good intentions” at Stubel Gallery.

An artist with a spontaneous and unadulterated attitude toward painting, Parushev has been sincere and vulnerable in his expression from the very beginning of his artistic path. His works – no matter the style or the media – always magnetically attract, disturb, touch with their spirituality, becoming “an instrument of compassion” as the artist defines them.

In February 2022, Atanas Parushev was deservedly awarded the “Vladimir Dimitrov – Maystora” Award. Hiswork is appreciated by both the professionals and the public. The artist is also the winner of the “Sirak Skitnik” (2000 and 2002) and “Dobri Tchintulov” (2007) awards. Works of his are in the possession of the National Art Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, as well as numerous collections in Bulgaria and abroad.

The author

Atanas Parushev – Shoka

Born on 7 April 1958 in Sliven, Bulgaria. Graduated in “Painting” in the National Academy of Arts, class of prof. Ivan Kirkov (1985). He has more than 20 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.