*Erotica Universalis

August 28th- September 15th 2017

Erotica Universalis is the latest and second theme of the group of young artists Answer 51. After the future, which comes too soon, eroticism is the next worthy "adversary", deserving to be explored. And the artists do so – each in his own way, fearlessly, like explorers who are not afraid to enter the unknown, armed with observation, of course, with knowledge, but also with intuition, without fear of contamination, with a sense of fulfilling their duty toward humanity. After all, without eroticism, there is no humanity…

Seeking a recipe for erotica universalis is like a looking for a recipe for happiness universalis - hypothetically possible, but practically unachievable; everyone is obliged to work out his own happiness and, as an artist, to enter that territory, which will give him energy and resources for years ahead. To find his modus vivendi, to create his own recipe - soothing and sweet for some, bitter and toxic for others. And as an artist, to be able to play with his demons, to try them and tame them, or to surrender to them. And all that in the name of art... and in the name of the audience. Undoubtedly the result is new, strong, memorable paintings. Poetry. And if somebody realizes that the artists are throwing down the gauntlet at Courbet (L'Origine du monde), 1866, Musee d'Orsay, Paris, he will have to admit that they are doing it skillfully, and he will sense that they obey only the regime of freedom.

Olympia Daniel

August 17th 2017, Paris

The author

Answer 51