Viara Pancheva


Viara Pancheva was born in Sofia in 1959. As a child, she studied in Tunisia, then completed her secondary education in the Technical School of Ceramics and Glass, Sofia. In 1984, she graduated the National Academy of Art with a degree in Textile (class of Prof. Marin Varbanov).


Viara Pancheva works in the fields of painted textiles and collage. She has participated in numerous collective and solo exhibitions at home and in France, where she has been living since 2009. She is a member of both the Union of Bulgarian Artists and the Union of French Artists.



1994-1998, 2001 - General exhibitions of textile, Sofia

1992 and 1993 - Autumn Salon, Sofia

1993 - General exhibition of collage, Sofia

1993 - Bulgarian Fashion Forum (artist’s collection)

2005 - Galerie Maison Gibert, Lezignan - Corbieres, France

2012, 2013-2017 - General exhibition of independent artists, Chateau de la Loupe, France

2017 - Outdoor Sculpture, Chateau de Bosc, France



1994 -  Ladder Gallery, Sofia

2000 - Sollers Gallery, Sofia

2001, 2004-2006 - Paper Sculptures, Festa Gallery, Sofia

2008 - Stories Told on Paper, NBU Gallery, Sofia

2014 - Philomuses Association, Paris, France