Rumen Gasharov

Rumen Gasharov was born in 1936 in the city of Plovdiv. In 1951, he was admitted to the newly opened High School of Art in Sofia; he graduated with the first diploma the school ever issued.

In 1962, the artist graduated from the National Academy of Art with a degree in painting (Class of Prof. Ilia Petrov). Rumen Gasharov went on to become an active participant in the Bulgarian art scene. In addition to exhibitions in Bulgaria, he presented solo exhibitions in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, and Russia.

In 1977, Gasharov won First Prize at the International Exhibition “Humor and Satire in Painting” in Gabrovo. He is also the recipient of the Аnnual Аward of the UBA “Vladimir Dimitrov – Maistora” (1984), the Annual Award for Fine Art of Sofia Municipality (1987), and First Prize at the General Art Exhibition, dedicated to Sofia (1989).

Paintings by Rumen Gasharov are in the collections of the Bulgarian National Art Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, Pushkin Museum in Moscow, most regional and city art galleries across Bulgaria, as well as private collections in the country and abroad.